Wedding bloopers happen all the time. And sometimes we’re lucky enough to get them on camera! When Ben and I look back on the 2018 wedding season, we feel such an immense amount of gratitude to our couples and our vendor friends! They are the reason we get to do what we love, work together as a husband and wife team, and provide for our family from our business.

It’s been such a fun journey over the years, and we look forward to sharing our bloopers and behind the scenes with you all every year! Wedding days are so romantic, hectic and fun. These blooper posts are a good reminder of truly how much fun we have working together. We truly have the best couples, and they are always having fun too! They don’t take things too seriously. From the funny moments, the unplanned hilarious times that just unfold, and a little behind the scenes.

So today we share some of our favorite bloomers our 2018 photography season. It’s been an amazing journey this year and I just know that 2019 will be just as great! Cheers to 2018!

Memphis gives us the fuzzy feels.

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